woensdag 26 januari 2011

Wards, and why they are awesome

Why bother with wards ?

200 gold for 2x Sight wards or 2x Revelation .
Ward of Sight Ward of Revelation
A small price to pay for Map control which, ultimately leads to winning games.

Where do i put wards?

ward locations
The Teal circles represent ward Locations.
The General idea is to cover Rune locations + Jungling spots + Choke points
Early  to mid game you obviously want rune control.
Mid to Late game once towers have been pushed you want to start warding the jungling spots.
When warding allways try and place the ward on the highest cliff possible, greater Area of Effect sight is given the higher the sight of the ward:
ward spot

Can I counter enemy wards ?

Ward of revelation not only reveals stealthed enemy units it also reveals enemy wards.
Place revelation wards at the common ward locations, then destroy any wards it reveals.

I'm not buying wards, im the carry!

Who buys the wards ? The support hero buys wards, also known as the “support bitch”
These heroes include the likes of, Hellbringer Glacius Tempest . Support heroes are mainly intelligence heroes with little roles.
Don’t worry if your team has no support heroes, anybody can buy wards, just make sure your carry gets farmed.

To sum it up

  • Remember to always have sight over important ganking areas
  • Use Revelation wards to counter enemies Sight wards
  • Place wards on the highest part of the terrain
  • Dedicate one person , usually the support heroes to do the warding.
  • You can block enemy neutral camps by placing a ward where the creeps would spawn

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